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K-12 Professional Development

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Schooling for Critical Consciousness 

Critical consciousness refer to the ability to understand and analyze oppressive social forces shaping our lives and communities, and to take action against those forces. Participants will learn why critical consciousness represents an important developmental asset for youth from marginalized groups, explore promising practices for supporting youth critical consciousness development, and consider the implications for their own work with students.

Raising Students’ Critical Consciousness of Race & Racism

This workshop is built around four questions: What is race? What is racism? What is racial identity? What is critical consciousness? Participants will learn why both positive racial identity and critical consciousness represent important forms of "psychological armor" for youth of color that enable them to thrive by recognizing, resisting, and challenging racism.

Action Research to Support Youth Critical Consciousness

Action research refers to educators' work to identify and develop the tools necessary to assess the impact of an initiative being carried out in their own classroom on their students’ student learning and development. This series of workshops introduces educators to critical consciousness and promising practices for fostering youth critical consciousness, and then guides educators in the development of an action research project for assessing the impact of a critical consciousness initiative in their own classroom.

Supporting Students' Racial Identity Development

This workshop introduces educators to the topic of positive racial (and ethnic) identity, why it represents a key dimension of development for all youth, and an important developmental asset for youth of color that promotes thriving and resistance to racism. Participants will be introduced to numerous practices for supporting young people's racial identity development as a means of catalyzing their own thinking about opportunities to nurture their own students' positive racial and ethnic identities. 

How Critical Consciousness Equips Youth to Thrive In and Transform the World

This workshop seeks to enable school leaders to improve practices at their school that develop students’ critical consciousness and increase meaningful opportunities for student voice and leadership within and beyond their schools. Participants will leave these sessions with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve practice in their building and an actionable plan to accomplish this work in their school communities.


Arlington (MA) Public Schools

Boston Public Schools

Bradley Elementary School (BPS)

Collaborative for Academic & Social Emotional Learning (CASEL)

Connecticut Association of Schools

Connecticut School Discipline Collaborative

EL Education

Facing History & Ourselves

Fenway High School (BPS)

Gardner Pilot Academy (BPS)

Guild Elementary School (BPS)

Harvard Programs in Professional Education

Harvard RIDES Program

Haverhill High School (MA)

Kennedy Elementary School (BPS)

Learning and the Brain 

Lynch Leadership Academy

Innovate Public Schools (CA)

MA Dept of Elementary & Secondary Education

Mozart Elementary School (BPS)

Otis Elementary School (BPS)

Our Sisters School 

Primary Source

Somerville (MA) Public Schools 

Sontag Prize

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